About mobilePoint

About mobilePoint

What is mobilePoint?

mobilePoint is a new way to view and interact with UWSP information and services on your mobile device. Check your class schedule, grades, and see your text rental book list! This suite of applications is written for the web so that we can support the widest possible variety of devices. There is nothing to download and no fees to pay. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to ensure you get the best user experience possible.


  • Swipe left or right instead of tapping the arrows (where available). For example, the Class Schedule always opens to the current day of the week. Swipe left to see tomorrow, swipe right to see yesterday.
  • Tap the refresh icon, the first of two icons in the upper right corner, to display the most recent data.
  • Tap the options icon, the second of two icons in the upper right corner, to logout, change terms, and/or select other app specific options.
  • Use the navigation trail in the toolbar to go part way or all the way back.
  • Tap the building link in class details to see a map showing where the class is located. Note, we are finding a lot of inconsistencies in the rendering between different devices.
  • An application you need isn't here yet? Tap "full site" in the footer and go to myPoint.


Questions? Comments? Something not working right? Or maybe you have an idea for an app you'd like to see on mobilePoint? If so, then the mobilePoint Team wants to hear from you. Use the button below to drop us an email with your questions or comments.

Please be as specific as you can, and if reporting a problem, please include the make and model of the device you have and the operating system and version (if you know it).

Email the mobilePoint team

Known Issues

  • The "Back" or "Return" button on some phones exits the entire application rather than navigating to the previous page. Generally, this only occurrs when launching mobilePoint from a homepage icon on your phone. If you start your browser and select mobilePoint from favorites there isn't an issue.
  • Whenever an action takes you out of the app (mailto, call a number, map a location), it is likely the app will close when you finish that action.
  • Running mobilePoint in Internet Explorer on a desktop/laptop, especially older versions, has issues. Chrome and Firefox work better.